Tips for Applying Rhinestones to Sneakers

Applying gorgeous rhinestones to a pair of drab sneakers is a great way to give your kicks some much needed pizazz. The best part is that the process is much easier than it sounds, especially if you fancy yourself a budding fashion designer or if you are great at arts and crafts.

All you really need are a good number of rhinestones, special rhinestone glue, and your creativity. Once you’ve gathered all these items, it’s simply a matter of sticking the rhinestones to your shoes and waiting 48 hours for the glue to dry. For the best results, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Smaller Stones

When purchasing rhinestones, smaller stones are the best option as larger stones have a higher chance of falling off due to the extra surface area. Smaller stones also give you more freedom with their placement.

Clean Shoes

Clean the area you plan to place rhinestones by using rubbing alcohol. Dust prevents glue from bonding properly, which leads to rhinestones falling off as you walk in your new shoes.

Glue Pens

If you see yourself doing this often, invest in a good glue pen! This tool allows you to apply glue more accurately, to the point that you can craft designs with the pen itself. The back end also allows you to pick up and set rhinestones perfectly, not to mention keep glue away from your fingers.


Gift Ideas with Hot Fix Rhinestones

Rhinestone crafts can be a fun, creative hobby for anyone with a knack for DIY projects. Aside from a great pastime, the crafts can be used as a personal item, décor, or even a gift. If you love hot fix rhinestones or know someone who does, here are some gift ideas that will allow you to share your hobby, especially with like-minded friends:

Starter Kit

Complete with all the essential tools for hot fix rhinestone crafts, a starter kit is a perfect gift for beginners. With basic supplies like some crystals, glue, and fixators, anyone can start learning and enjoying the craft.

Assortment of Rhinestones

Hobbyists will always appreciate new materials for their projects, so a box or a few yards of assorted rhinestones can help keep the crafting going.

Beading/Jewelry Books

Pattern books and instructional materials will help beginners and advanced hobbyists alike get inspiration and refine their crafts. These books can also help them start their own rhinestone craft business.

Gift Certificates

If you don’t know what your gift recipients want, treat them to a shopping spree instead! Get gift certificates from an online store with an extensive inventory, and let them pick the supplies or tools they need.

Rhinestone Crafts

Even those who aren’t familiar with the hobby would appreciate a sparkly gift. Share your rhinestone labors of love – from wearable accessories to home decors – and you’re bound to make the recipient smile with your crafty DIY handiwork.