Working with Swarovski Crystals for Craft Projects

The man behind today’s much-coveted crystals, Daniel Swarovski, is credited for the patent for a machine that automatically cut crystals. For this reason, it’s not surprising why products from the company are recognized all over the world for their superior cutting and polishing qualities. In fact, experts advise buyers to base authenticity of the products on the crystals’ cut and polish.

Well-cut and well-polished Swarovski elements can instantly turn a lifeless shirt into a fabulous one or an outdated cell phone into a stylish one. If you have such projects in mind though, you have to acquire the right type of Swarovski flatback crystals to work with. Basically, these flatback crystals allow you to affix the elements seamlessly on flat surfaces.

However, the type of surfaces you could place these crystal elements on may vary. Basically, there are two types of flatback crystals: hot fix and silver foil back. Hot fix crystals consist of built-in glue at their back, and all you need is to apply heat to activate it, either from a household iron or a heat press. Meanwhile, to affix silver foil back crystals to a hard surface, you’ll need powerful glue like epoxy.

Hot fix crystals are best used for embellishing shirts and jeans. Meanwhile, flatback crystals are ideal for decorating cell phones, cameras, computers, iPods, and iPhones. Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before wearing or using the product you affixed Swarovski flatback crystals on.


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