How to Make a Quality Beaded Applique

The outfit you are planning to wear to an upcoming event may not have the look you are going for. It may be lacking that one head turning element that you need to get the attention of other guests. You need beads sewn on your clothes, purse, handbag, or shoes to achieve that stunning effect.

Sewing or attaching beads on any surface is generally called applique. This is an olden craft that has earned an irreplaceable reputation in the design industry for hundreds of years. The procedure can start in conceptualizing the design and drawing it on the surface of a chosen material, carefully selecting the type of beads that can bring the design to life, and sewing or attaching the bead pieces on.

Choosing the materials to be used and making a sketch on the surface are two interchangeable steps in the process. If the craft relies on available materials, then a designer can create the design according to the pieces he has on hand. However, for high quality designs, starting with the sketch can produce the best results.

The durability of the applique greatly depends on how the beads are connected to the fabric. By using high-quality threads or adhesive, and by good workmanship, the applique may last for many years without losing a piece of bead from exposure to laundering, wearing, and other elements. To get the best results, only skilled crafters should do the job, and only the highest quality materials should be used. 


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