Flatback Rhinestones Shapes and Meanings

Choosing jewelry pieces may be daunting with the vast array of shapes they can be crafted into. Opting for gems with classic cuts that hold deep symbolism is one surefire way to come up with pleasant, memorable gifts. Here are the common shapes of flatback rhinestones and their corresponding meanings:


With infinity and wholeness mainly represented, round stones stand for aspirations toward a lasting relationship. The brilliance reflected in a circular gem encompasses trust and unity, which are both significant in forging and nurturing relationships.


Its pristine lines and corners make square cuts a symbol for balance and foundations. The square cuts are elementally stable, which represents a person’s dependability in decision-making or grounding ability in tense situations.


The rectangular cut is used to show intelligence or divine contemplation. Although it’s ridden with angular facets, the rectangular shape exudes a meticulous quality said to be distinctive of feminine character. The shape also symbolizes efficiency and straightforwardness.


The tear drop or pear shape is well-loved for the unique beauty it exhibits. Pear shapes recognize the innovation and adaptability of individuals to diverse situations. It is also known to represent being home-centered and considerate.

Other quirkier varieties for these rhinestones─ such as hearts, stars and bow ties ─ also work. Whether in a ring, charm bracelets, pendants, or earrings, these flatback rhinestone shapes can be used to compliment the receiver. Beyond being innately beautiful as jewels, these stones can sparkle with the user’s admirable traits and desirable qualities.


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