DIY Swarovski Flatback Crystal Application

Swarovski flatback crystals are definitely the go-to accessory when it comes to fancy embellishments. They can be a great addition to your wedding gown or prom dress. You can achieve an elegant look without going over the top by simply attaching these crystals onto your formal wear.


Flat back crystals can be applied onto your clothing with regular craft glue and not the hot fix tool used for other crystals. Although it is fairly easy, you have to be extra careful as regular glue can leave quite a mess after the crystals have been applied. However, if done correctly, flat back crystals can have a beautiful effect on your clothes.


You need to check if you already have everything in hand: craft glue, toothpicks, tin foil and Swarovski flat back crystals. First, you must place the stones in the desired arrangement. It helps to lay them all out first to see which style you like best. Then, place a small drop of glue on the toothpicks and use it to apply glue on the crystal. Be sure not to put any pressure so the glue won’t run outside the stone. Using the toothpicks, place the crystals on the desired areas on the fabric. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied and leave the project out to dry.


Now you can dazzle up all your favorite outfits!


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