Glitz Blitz: Attaching Flat-back Rhinestones

Humans have always been fascinated with objects that shine such as the heavenly bodies, and rhinestones aren’t an exception. Rhinestones are precious gems that aren’t very costly, and they add sparkle to anything they grace. They can be found on almost any type of fashionable clothing or accessory, and it’s even possible to attach rhinestones on just about anything.


There are rhinestones specifically manufactured to have a smooth and flat back. These flat-back crystals can be glued on to just about any surface to add instant glamor to objects and accessories. From homemade jewelry to phone cases and even entire automobiles, there’s nearly infinite ways to use rhinestones as decoration.


The trick to gluing rhinestones properly and without making a horrible mess of it is to choose the right adhesive. Selecting the wrong glue can result in a weak bond or a clearly visible streak of hardened glue. Also, jewelry making hobbyists should be judicious in applying just the right amount of glue for an adequate bond. If hobbyists are attempting to attach rhinestones on non-jewelry objects, they should ensure that there’s enough glue to bond a good portion of the stone’s surface to the object. Flat-back rhinestones can turn anything into a crystal-encrusted masterpiece, and it all boils down to how good a hobbyist glues them in place.


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