Hot Stuff: On Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals

Rhinestones are such ubiquitous decorative materials that they can be found covering almost anything. They can be secured to costume jewelry, clothing accessories, gadgets, and other personal objects. Some people have gone above and beyond and used the crystals to cover entire cars, household appliances, and even a humble commode.


While a popular and fairly simple process, the problem with fitting rhinestones on anything is that the gluing process can be tricky and difficult, especially for those new to craft jewelry. If too much glue is used, the attachment can leave unsightly traces of the adhesive. Additionally, if the glue is heated excessively, it can potentially damage the item it’s being glued to.


Swarovski, a company known for its rhinestones, understood the problems with gluing crystals, thus they came up with the Hot Fix line of rhinestones. These pieces already have solidified heat-sensitive glue applied to their back, so hobbyists and designers only have to heat the material in order to activate the adhesive. These pre-applied adhesives saves users from the trouble of balancing the amount of glue needed for the job. If you’ve always wanted to attach rhinestones on something, yet never had the patience to work with craft glue, then Swarovski’s Hot Fix crystals are for you.


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