A Look at Hot Fix Crystals Application

Hot fix crystals are low-cost adhesive stones used for arts and crafts projects. These usually come in different sets of crystals with a variety of color and size. The adhesive parts of these crystals also make them easier to stick to virtually any surface, making them versatile enough for use in many projects.


A common use for hot fix crystals is to design clothing. Dresses and gowns can be made more beautiful with carefully affixed crystals and rhinestones. The designer must first arrange the crystals on the clothing to see if a pattern or design is appropriate. Once done, turn the flat iron to its lowest setting. Gently iron the crystals onto the fabric. The heat will melt the adhesive, making a perfect fix with the cloth.


Accessories like bags, cellphone cases, and protectors can also be designed with hot fix crystals. Using a hot fix tool, one can carefully attach a rhinestone to any project surface to provide a sparking image to any accessory.


Designs for clothes and accessories using hot fix crystals have many possibilities, only limited by one’s creativity. Names can be spelled with carefully arranged crystals. Pictures can be formed by selecting crystals with correct colors and applying them accordingly. Even random patterns, embedded with sparkling stones can make any surface look beautiful. Truly, the use of these wholesale crystals are very appealing to any person wanting to make a beautiful arts and crafts project.


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