Capturing Fiery Garnet in Swarovski Crystals

One of the most lauded features of Swarovski crystals is the ease of coloring. Given that they’re manmade, Swarovski crystals can be colored into almost any hue customers want, resulting in a wide array of choices. This makes Swarovski crystals the prime choice for creating gifts and items using birthstones as theme.

Precious and semi-precious birthstones can undoubtedly cost a lot, making their use as accents in many products impractical and unnecessary. Colored Swarovski crystals are the next best thing, as they can create the same luxurious effects of real stones without the high price tags. The brilliance of Swarovski crystals can rival, if not surpass that of precious stones, including the deep red sheen of garnet, the birthstone for January.

The color of garnet, can be traced back to the pomegranate fruit, if legends are to be believed. According to Greek mythology, this fruit was instrumental in keeping Persephone, Zeus’s daughter, from leaving the Underworld after being abducted by its lord, Hades. Since then, garnet has been seen as a symbol of a love so deep, it takes you to another world.

As garnet normally looks like pomegranate seeds, the Phoenicians gave it the term “punica geranatum,” which was eventually translated in Latin to “granatus.” The stone is also alluded to in the Bible, where it was said that Noah wore one around his neck as a talisman for a safe journey through dark nights.


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