Swarovski Rhinestones: Diamond’s Essential Luster

No, Swarovski crystals aren’t the toughest stones known to man; but to the naked eye, they can certainly pass for one.

If there’s one stone that speaks strength better than anything else, it’s the diamond. Eras of natural processes had shaped the diamond to its legendary resilience and beauty, and ancient civilizations considered it as a symbol of strength. However, the true beauty of diamonds took a longer time to shine through, and had to wait for the invention of the right cutting and polishing tools.

As those tools evolved over the centuries, people began appreciating the distinct qualities of the diamond more. Soon, kings and high-ranking military officers were going into battle with a diamond-adorned accessory. Treated as the “Stone of Invincibility,” the diamond gave armies the confidence to crush their enemies and win wars. Charles the Bold of Burgundy was known to have owned an armor studded with diamonds.

The diamond’s strength, shine, and durability have made it the ultimate symbol of romantic love, and this most precious of precious stones adorn countless wedding and engagement rings around the world. While they do not possess the strength of the diamond, Swarovski crystals have cleverly captured its shine and luster, making them the ideal substitute where the real thing would be too inaccessible.



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