Things to Consider when Buying Rhinestones Wholesale

Whether you’re buying Swarovski, Preciosa, or any other brand, remember that rhinestones need to be selected based on cut, size, clarity, brilliance, and method of attachment. This brief article will give you an idea on what to look for when buying rhinestones wholesale.

Cut is about the number of facets a stone has. Generally speaking, the higher the cut, the more sparkly the crystal. Swarovski crystals usually have 14 facets, while Preciosa crystals usually come with 12 facets. Size, meanwhile, isn’t as straightforward since the nomenclature for crystal sizes is quite technical. 5SS stones are about 1.8mm in diameter, while 48SS stones are at least 11mm. In general, larger stones are flashier while smaller stones have more glimmer.

Another odd factor is clarity, which not only speaks of the clearness of the stone, but also its lead content. Stones with high clarity are entirely made from lead, making them more durable and expensive than acrylic, which is the other material used in making rhinestones. Combining cut with clarity will give you an idea of the stone’s brilliance, or overall sparkle. Stones with high brilliance are perfect for evening gowns, while low brilliance rhinestones are best used for other types of apparel.

The method of attachment is a consideration that fashion designers need to be aware of. Some stones can only be mounted mechanically, while others may be attached with glue or a hot adhesive.


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