Jewelry-Making Tips: Beaded Bracelets

If you’re planning to give jewelry as a gift to your best friend, little else can be as endearing as one that you made yourself. Beaded bracelets, for one, make for an exciting project, since you could customize it as much as you like to suit your friend’s tastes. To keep from giving yourself a headache while making the bracelet, here are a few tips you can follow:

Consider Bead Holes

Beads don’t just come in varying shapes and sizes; sometimes the wire holes that run through them also differ. If you don’t want your beaded bracelet to feel loose or wonky, make sure that you only buy beads with uniform-sized holes, and that these openings are just right for the wire or cord that you plan on using.

Choose your Cord

Your choice of bracelet cord can affect how well the bracelet will turn out. Choose clear plastic or waxed cords if you want to completely cover the entire piece with beads. If you want to add space between each bead for knotted or woven effects, opt for decorative strings like hemp or leather.

Plan your Output

Plan and design the bracelet before starting out. Choose a color palette that you know your friend will love, and start picking out beads to use. Lay out the beads on a clean surface and envision how you’ll be putting it all together. Thorough planning will help prevent mistakes that can take up a lot of your time.


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