Pimp Your Bedroom with Flatback Rhinestones

Do you want to find new ways to revamp your bedroom? Instead of switching sheets, putting on drapes, and repainting your furniture, why not try some rhinestone crafts? Here are some ideas on how to pimp your bedroom with flatback rhinestones:

Flatback Frames

Refurbish your plain picture and mirror frames with some shiny stones. Highlight your captured memories with assorted rhinestone patterns. Decorate your mirror with colorful twinkling stones that can perfectly complement the twinkle in your eyes every day.

Shimmering School Supplies

Instead of settling for dull school or office supplies, why not transform them into instant statement pieces? Affix the rhinestones all over your penholders, paperweights, tape dispensers, book stoppers, and whatever else you can think of! You can even recycle–turn old cans into a cute penholder with rhinestones and ribbons, or stiff cardboards into a bejeweled monogram book stopper.

Sparkling Jewelry Box

What better way to store your jewels than in a box studded with gems itself? Make a sparkling home for your accessories by making a whimsical jewelry box or organizer. Again, you can recycle! Score a simple box, divide it into compartments, and decorate the lid and sides.

Twinkling Headboards or Wall Hangings

Embed flashy rhinestones onto your headboard. Don’t want to mess with your headboard? No problem! Make an artsy wall hanging instead. Use various pattern books as guide, or create a crafty masterpiece of your own.


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